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We understand that wind is the #1 concern with any temporary structure, especially one that weighs under 25lbs. So what did we do about it? 

1) The Airemos Endeavor is designed to withstand winds of 25knots and gusts up to 50knots(Fun Video)

2) There are multiple strategically placed tie-off locations on each leg to guy-out your Endeavor (watch Video)

3) Each foot of the Endeavor has 4x anchor points to secure the leg directly into the ground (watch Video)

4) Airemos offers Sand and Water Ballasts to anchor your Endeavor when earth is not available for stakes (watch Video)

Punctures, leaks, failures?

Although we have designed and constructed each Endeavor with the highest quality materials and components, there will always be a chance for the unfortunate event of losing compression. Here is our best solution for the rare event. 

1) Isolation Clips in each hose connecting one bladder to the next. (watch video) This means if a cross beam loses compression, you may isolate that beam for future repair without complete structural failure. (watch Video) 

2) Patch Kits are provided with each purchase and can be applied within minutes to a relatively minor puncture. This video shows how to properly apply the patch kit to the damaged area. (watch Video)

Durability, Lifetime?

All Airemos products are constructed with lab tested materials in internationally approved facilities. Specifications of the material may be found here but in laymen 's terms, our stuff is built to last. All materials and components were designed to withstand the harshest element on earth for the sport of Kite Surfing; Sun, Sand, Salt Water, High Tensions and Heavy Impacts. Comparable products typically last 3-5 years before becoming a "used" product.

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